Credit card scams

Newest credit card scams: I just went to a sub shop to pick up an order that I called in. I paid by using my mastercard. My card was swiped and he put the card down on the counter and made a cell phone call for approval, which is standard.I then heard a click, which is the same sound when pictures are taken. I had the same model, so I knew what was going on. I immediately cancelled the card. Be aware of your surroundings
Even worse, if you don’t catch credit card errors within 30 days, you are on the hook for the balance. I had a friend who had his gym locker broken into. He looked at his wallet and found nothing stolen. However, someone charged $14,000 worth of charges. He told the company that he was in possession of his card. However, a month later,upon further examination, he found one card,which was the same kind of card as his, was from another person and expired. Someone switched his cards!

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