Traits of multimillionaires: Strong Belief system

Traits of multimillionaires: Because I strongly believe that making money is more than just making money, in the next few days, I will be covering what traits I, and other tax lawyers, have seen in very wealthy people. I think you will find this VERY illuminating and helpful.
The first trait is BELIEF: Multimillionaires have an incredible belief system in themselves. Mark Victor Hanson, who co-wrote the Chicken Soup series told me that most people don’t believe that they deserve to be rich. I didn’t believe this until I heard a lottery winner say, ” I didn’t think I deserved it
Having this strong belief system is CRUCIAL. If things don’t go well or the businesss fails, this strong belief system allows them to pick themselves up and start over. It is the basis for attempting risk in order to start up a business or seizing opportunities.
Daily exercise: Every day, I want you to point to yourself in the morning and say, “I deserve to be rich.” ” I also want you to say, “I want to be rich.” If you do this everyday, it will help overcome the obstacles and challenges that we all have. It’s a very important exercise and doens’t take much time to do

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