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Set your business mileage and expenses to “automatic” with the Taxbot app for iOS and Android. Best of all, your records will be IRS compliant!

taxbot university

Taxbot University

You can rely on your accountant for the basics, but you need to know the best way to set your business up for a profitable (a.k.a. – lower tax) future.

7 simple ways book

7 Simple Ways… Book

This handbook gives you an easy-to-understand guide covering the most overlooked deductions. Plus, Sandy Botkin takes you through how best to avoid an audit. Get it free!

pocket diary

Tax Reduction Pocket Diary

TRI has invented a special proven diary that eliminates procrastination.

lower your taxes big time

Lower Your Taxes: Big Time Book

This book helps you understand how the latest tax bill affects your personal and business taxes. Fully updated for the 2019 – 2020 season, this essential book covers everything you need to know about saving money on tax day.

achieve financial freedom book

Achieve Financial Freedom: Big Time Book

Starting with this profoundly simple concept, bestselling author Sandy Botkin and his son, Matt Botkin, interviewed a host of millionaires to learn how they made their money, invested it, and planned for the future.

real estate tax secrets

Real Estate Tax Secrets of the Rich Book

IRS insider Sandy Botkin reveals the tax strategies you can use to increase your ROIs by as much as 20 percent-whether you're a home owner or a real estate investor.

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